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Our rural location has meant that over the years CawMc has formed strong bonds with many of the local farming community. We provide a variety of services from grain stores to equipment and plant repairs.

Grain Stirrer

We provide farming equipment repairs at peak farming times. We understand the importance of making sure you have fully operational equipment during busy periods.


We also offer grain stirrers, which help to mix and blend the grain, keeping the density of the heap consistent, removing hot spots and allowing quicker and more effective drying.


CawMc has a history with the industrial sector and it is this range of experience that has contributed to our understanding of the importance of health and safety. You are assured that you will receive a professional service that provides you with the desired result.



On hand when you need us

  • Removes compaction from the grain heap

  • Makes the density of the heap consistent

  • Allows quicker and more even effective drying

  • Removes hot spots

  • Mixes and blends the grain

  • Facilities aeration helps achieve even moisture throughout the heap

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